Nudes in the Garden

Presenting figurative and floral ink prints by Steve Kowalski.

Friday, April 23, 2004 5-8pm


” The winter season seems to change the minute we turn the clocks back an hour. The sun sets early and the air changes from autumn cool to icebox cold with only a notice from the meteoroligist.I always hate this time of year in the northeast. I draw with Riverfront Artists on Tues. Nights at Union College. The subject is life drawing.We meet for two hours from 7-9pm and draw the model in 10 (one minute poses) to five ,ten and twenty minute stances. It’s rapid at times, the mind and hand are always moving. There are no boundries like a student has in school, no critiques that a professor puts forth to shape one as an artist. There’s nothing but the essentials, your imagination, the subject and the medium. In this case, charcoal and paper. This year the drawing wasn’t enough. The days were darker, the grayness of the cruel winter was unforgiving and the black of the charcoal was suffocating me like the dust coalminers breathe in everyday. I wanted to deal with the winter in a different way this year. An art show in the spring. Not just an art show but something well planned out,an event. I didn’t know what. Early in the fall I was gifted Photoshop 7.0. After a bunch of unsucessful attempts, I stumbled onto my first interesting image. I could feed my drawings into Photoshop and turn the somber gray into wild random color. The figures became alive again.The drawing became an abstraction that was secondary. Paramount was the color, more so the randomness of them. The floral images came from our garden in the summer of 2003, in particular the bed of zinnias. The colors and the patterns of photoshop along with my images made for an early spring and a show (Nudes in the Garden) that many will enjoy. The color images are 1440 dpi resolution and pigment-or dye-based six-color ink system, delivered through 64 nozzle Micropiezo printheads. ” Steve Kowalski